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The 31th Annual Gathering will take place May 26-28, 2023

Please visit the North Coast Men's Gathering Network Facebook page for local Humboldt County small group gatherings:


This year’s event consists of opening and closing ceremonies, evening fire circles, and morning workshops centered around an annual theme. There will be afternoon free time for men to bring and share their own workshops, activities for boys, and a Friday evening sweat lodge.

The ceremonies and spiritual foundation of the gathering borrow from many traditions, including Buddhist and Native American practices. All spiritual paths are honored equally.


The Gathering is an empowering and inspiring opportunity to speak and listen from the heart. Men and boys often leave experiencing a feeling of connection and brotherhood. The process of helping each other to become men of integrity and compassion positively impacts our community.

Mattole Camp is located alongside the beautiful Mattole River where men and boys can swim and explore nature. Camp out or stay in the cabins or main lodge. All meals are included and are prepared by participants. Particular dietary needs will be accommodated.

If you plan to attend, please register by clicking the link above.

North Coast Men' Gathering pictures
What to bring

• Bedding materials for dormitory style bunks.
• Camping materials if you prefer to camp.
• Swimsuit & towel
• Flashlight
• Personal care items
• Clothes for warm days and cool nights



• Paper and pen for writing
• Drums and other instruments
• Water shoes or sandals for the river
• Songs, poems and readings to share
• A log or two for the fire
• Volleyball, soccer ball, frisbee, etc.


​Sliding Scale: $0 - $200
(Our cost is approximately $125 per person)

Please pay in cash or check at the event.

Important Information

The Gathering is a safe place for men and boys to share experiences, hopes and dreams. There will be workshops and rituals and plenty of time to play, swim and relax. Here are some other things we would like you to know:


1. Come any time after 4pm on Friday. We'll have dinner at about 6pm and the opening ceremony about 7:00pm.


2. Lodging is dorm-style rooms and cabins. Some men camp in tents.


3. Most of the camp is wheelchair accessible, and we can assist with barriers.


4. Depending on men's interests, there may be time for spontaneous workshops or rituals. If you've got an idea, bring it.


5. No drugs or alcohol allowed; smoking tobacco is permitted outdoors. Please leave your pets at home.


6. We'll close about 2 pm Sunday.

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