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The 33rd Annual Gathering is TBD

Please visit the North Coast Men's Gathering Network Facebook page for local Humboldt County small group gatherings:


The Gathering consists of opening and closing ceremonies, evening fire circles, workshops, a sweat lodge, activities for young men, and free time to connect with oneself or others. Workshops focus on yearly themes and core aspects of humanity like creativity, intimacy, and self-expression. Men are encouraged to bring and lead their own workshops and attend others as they're able. Participation is unique to the individual's availability and preference.

The ceremonies and spiritual foundation of the Gathering draws inspiration from diverse traditions, including sacred practices of Buddhism and ancient wisdom of Native American cultures. All spiritual paths are honored equally, guided by the universal thread of unity and inclusivity.

The Gathering is an empowering and inspiring opportunity to speak and listen from the heart. This process facilitates growth in integrity and compassion, which positively impacts the individual and our community as a whole. Participants often leave experiencing a feeling of connection and brotherhood.

The Mattole Camp is located alongside the beautiful Mattole River where men, young and old, can swim and explore nature. Camp out or stay in the cabins or main lodge. All meals are included and are prepared by participants. Individuals with particular dietary needs will be accommodated to the best of our abilities, but it is recommended that you come prepared.

If you plan to attend, please register by clicking here.

View of the main lodge

What to bring

• Bedding materials for dormitory style bunks.
• Camping materials if you prefer to camp. (tent, sleeping bag & pad)
• Swimsuit & towel
• Flashlight (w/ extra batteries)
• Personal care items (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, etc.)
• Clothes for warm days and cool nights (layered clothing)



• Paper and pen for journaling/note-taking
• Musical instruments (drums, guitar, flute, etc.) for jam sessions
• Water shoes or sandals for the river
• Songs, poems and readings to share around the fire
• A log or two for the fire
• Recreational items such as football, soccer ball, frisbee, etc. for leisure time

• Sunscreen, insect repellent, first-aid kit

• Rain gear (poncho, umbrella) in case of inclement weather

• Snacks & drinks (trail mix, energy bars, fruit, water, etc.)


​Sliding Scale: $0 - $200
(Our cost is approximately $150
 per person)

Please pre-pay online or in cash or check at the event.

Workshops and activities are available to all men.
Empowered man standing on hilltop

Important Information

The Gathering is a nurturing sanctuary where men and boys are encouraged to openly share experiences, aspirations, and visions for the future. Engage in transformative workshops, meaningful rituals, and ample opportunities for recreation, swimming, and rejuvenation. Here are some other things we would like you to know:
1. Arrival: Come any time after 4pm on Friday. We'll have dinner at about 6pm and the opening ceremony about 7:00pm.
2. Accommodation: Lodging includes dorm-style rooms and cabins, while some men opt for the serenity of camping in tents amidst nature's embrace.
3. Accessibility: The majority of the camp is wheelchair accessible, and our team is readily available to assist with any accessibility needs or barriers.
4. Interactive Planning: Depending on the collective interests, there may be opportunities for spontaneous workshops or rituals. Your inputs and ideas are welcomed and encouraged.
5. Guidelines for Well-being: To foster a safe and supportive environment, we uphold a policy of strongly discouraging the consumption of drugs or alcohol on-site. Smoking tobacco is permitted outdoors and away from our main areas. Additionally, we kindly request that you refrain from bringing pets to the event.
6. Closure: Our time together will draw to a close around 2 pm on Sunday, allowing for a smooth transition back into the world as we conclude our shared journey.

We eagerly anticipate your presence and participation at the North Coast Men's Gathering, where community, growth, and connection await.

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