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North Coast Men's Gathering

The North Coast Men’s Gathering (NCMG) was founded by men involved in men's groups, community education, counseling and support programs for men and boys. The Gathering has become an annual event where men and boys can share their experiences(hopes, dreams, trials, triumphs, etc.) and safely explore the barriers that hold us back from being the fathers, brothers, sons, partners and community members we want to be.

NCMG welcomes and is open to diverse men of all backgrounds, orientations, ethnicities and spiritualities. Hundreds of men and boys have attended the gatherings held since 1990. Open and voluntary planning groups create each year's gathering. 

The North Coast Men’s Gathering is a DreamMaker project of the Ink People Center for the Arts. Check out all the programs they help support in the greater Eureka, California area:

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